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Solar Grow Props (select your color) set of 2 - UVB Risers

Product Description

The Dude's Solar Grow props. These risers are great when trying to distance or manipulate your UVB/UVA spectrum in your terrarium as well as help distribute your light output to cover more surface area of your enclosure. Please read the dimensions and description carefully to ensure they are compatible and will fit with your lighting/terrarium. These will fit the Bio Dude Solar Grow T5 Fixtures, Arcadia Shade dweller, Jungle Dawn and Vivarium Electronics T5 Fixture. The props are designed to be compatible with terrarium screens 9.5" deep or more. No assembly required.

This is for a set of 2 units and is available in green or black. Light fixture not included. We are not able to mix colors.

Proudly manufactured by Engineered4Herps, West Chester, PA.




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