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The Dude's Diets....Explained

The Dude's Diets....Explained

How to create feeding stations and how to train your reptiles and amphibians to use them.





A sealed bag  of The Dude’s premium insect gutloader. Bug Grub works great for SuperWorms, Roaches, Crickets, Isopods and Millipedes. Bug Grub can be used either dry or wet form. When using the dry method water gel crystals should be provided, when used wet the Grub turns into a 'play-doh' consistency which maintains its shape and water content for  36 hours. The Grub also makes excellent feeding stations for your herps. Simply take a minuscule amount, roll into a ball, and place into the cage. All the insects will swarm and create a feeding station.

What is gutloading? Ensuring that your feeder insects are nutritionally enhanced with essential vitamins and minerals for a high quality, nutritionally fortified diet for reptiles, amphibians, rodents and fish.

How to create a feeding station: Add equal parts of Bug Grub and boiling water. Stir until mixed and allow to solidify (takes about 5 minutes). When cool, roll into desired shape and size. Great for neonatal reptiles, immune-compromised animals and for checking clean up crew populations.

Ingredient List: Carrot Powder, Beet Powder, Spirulina Powder, Bee Pollen Substitute (for palatability), Oat Flour and Potato Flakes.

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Fat 5.5%, Moisture Max 8.0%, Ash Max 3.2%, Crude Protein Min 21%, Crude Fiber Max 3.2%, Calories 3277 kcal/kg



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Flower Power is designed for herbivores and omnivores as a supplemental diet or as a palatable food additive. With a tested, trialed and proven formula by the Dude, this unique mix of ingredients is naturally high in fiber, color-enriching carotenoids and is very low in oxalates. This is very important because high oxalates can cause issues with mineral absorption when excess is ingested. The natural carotenoids found in these flowers can also provide color boosting for reds, oranges and yellows.  Offering the Dude’s highly palatable Flower Power will not only provide a varied diet, but also help stimulate neonatal reptiles or picky reptiles into eating their vegetables and fruits while offering them the best, varied nutrition possible.

This is solely an additive and does not take place of fruits or vegetables of your reptiles diet. Flower Power can be used daily or as a “treat” alone and is 100% animal safe. Not for human consumption.    

Ingredients are: Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus), Rose Petals (Rosa Canina), Hibiscus Flowers (Hibiscus sabdariffa), Dandelion flowers and leaves (Taraxacum officinale) and Chamomile Flowers (Matricaria recutita).



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Video Bonus:   Baby Tortoises love their Flower Power:





Pollen Power is a nutrient, protein, mineral and vitamin rich Bee Pollen supplement for reptiles, amphibians, fish and invertebrates.

Bee pollen is often referred to as nature's perfect, natural food source. It contains amino acids, carotenes, minerals, vitamins C, D, E and Lecithin. Use this as a dust on your feeder insects, dusting your veggies or on your feeder insect food to gutload. Ideal for Bearded Dragons, Crested Geckos, Chameleons, Iguanas, Tortoises, Uromastyx other insect or veggie feeding reptiles and for feeding your actual feeder insects like crickets, hisser and dubia roaches. A great supplement to provide more nutrition for your herps or feeder insects.  

Ingredient List: Pure Organic Bee Pollen, Bee Pollen Substitute (for palatability)

Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Fat Min 10.5%, Moisture Max 5.5%, Ash Max 4.2%, Crude Protein Min 34%, Crude Fiber Max 3.5%, Calories 3558 kcal/kg



Unlocking the Benefits: Bee Pollen as a Superfood for Your Reptile Companions

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An 4 ounce resealable bag of The Bio Dude's Springtail Grub. Formulated to be high in glycogen, yeast, minerals and other important ingredients. This mix is proven to provide large production in your springtail master cultures. Simply dust a small amount in your culture and watch them populate before your eyes.  

Great for culturing springtails on all surface mediums such as substrate, calcium or charcoal. Great for temperate and tropical species alike. 

Springtail grub is manufactured in small, limited batches to ensure quality and freshness. Each bag will have its own unique batch number. 


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