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8" Pot Ficus Bushy Tree -Large

Product Description


 *Plant will be at least 20"-32" Tall (not including root system) at time of shipping. Plant pictured is a representation of what you will receive.

Common Name: Weeping Fig, Ficus

Scientific Name: Ficus benjamina

-Care Recommendations By The Dude-

Best for These Animals:

Bio Dude Substrates: TerraFlora, TerraFauna, TerraFirma

Soil Depth: All Soil Depths Okay

Lighting: All Light Levels

Humidity & Misting: 40%-100%, Can tolerate 20%-40% / Suggested for optimal growth

Mature Plant Size & Root System:  Ficus trees are very hardy, durable tropical shrubs that can get very large if not pruned to maintain desired shape. With age can form aerial roots that can develop a woody trunk/ Wide, shallow fibrous root system with thick roots forming for anchorage.

Temperature Tolerance & Placement in the Terrarium: Too high temperatures/low humidity may cause leaves to brown / Back/Wall planting, corner placement

Edible & Side Effects if Ingested: Ficus are members of the Family Moraceae which all contain a milky sap. Contact with this milky sap may cause skin irritation, though many animals are known to be able to ingest Ficus leaves will no ill effects.

Pot Size & Packaging: A Single 8" potted Ficus Bushy Tree plant / Plant is Shipped bare-root wrapped in newspaper


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