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6" Pot Alocasia Polly

Product Description


Common Name: African Mask, Elephant Ear

Scientific Name: Alocasia x 'Polly'

-Care Recommendations By The Dude-

Best for These Animals:

Bio Dude Substrates: TerraFlora, TerraFauna, some TerraFirma

Soil Depth: Moderate to Deep with proper drainage

Lighting: Low to Medium 

Humidity & Misting: 50%-100%, Can tolerate 30%-50% / Suggested

Mature Plant Size & Root System: This stunning Alocasia has large thick leaves and will provide height without becoming overbearing (in larger terrariums)/ Thick tuberous root structure allows for sturdy anchorage and as the plant matures will produce pups via underground rhizomes

Temperature Tolerance & Placement in the Terrarium: Too high temperatures/low humidity may cause leaves to brown / Background (Tall) or corner placement  

Edible & Side Effects if Ingested: Aglaonemas are members of the Family Araceae so they contain low levels of oxalic acid and sharp calcium oxalate crystals known as raphides. Ingestion is not recommended and may cause oral irritation

Pot Size & Packaging: A single 6" potted Alocasia Polly plant / Plant is Shipped bare root wrapped in newspaper


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