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WHOLESALE BioShot Retail Display Box + Bio Shot

Product Description

The Dude's BioShot retail display box is the best and most efficient way to sell and distribute the Dude's BioShot. This 8" x 8" x 8" HD color retail display will not only pop on your shelf or counter, but be a great impulse buy item for many of your customers, especially with the BioShot having a lower price point.  This box not only looks professional, but also gives all necessary information about the BioShot so your customer can make an educated decision with out the hassle of educating. 

This Display Box Includes the following:

x1 Retail Display Box. Unassembled, must be snapped together. 

x12 6qt BioShot

x12 36qt BioShot

x12 6qt BioShot barcode stickers

x12 36qt BioShot barcode stickers

x24 BioShot information pamphlet

The BioShot is the BioDude's unique new microbial supplement and organic fertilizer for bioactive vivariums, and works well with all BioDude soil products. Formulated with aerobic bacteria, mycorrhizal fungi, and archaea to promote the efficient conversion of organic waste to nutrients easily absorbed by plant roots. The BioShot also contains the macronutrients necessary for healthy plant growth, including a perfect 4-4-4 balance of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium to encourage your vivarium plants to grow fuller and healthier than ever before. These nutrients are provided in safe, 100% organic forms that are safe for all pet reptiles and amphibians, from dart frogs to monitor lizards, and the microbes can thrive in bone dry or wet environments. Bio-Shot does not replace the need for a Hydrogrow drainage layer or the need for microfauna.

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