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Western Hognose Snake Bioactive Kit Basic

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A complete, self-sustaining bioactive vivarium kit for Western Hognose Snakes. Known for their remarkable habit of playing dead when threatened, these inquisitive snakes are found throughout the semi-arid prairies and scrublands of North America. Their docile nature and charming personalities have resulted in a well-deserved surge in popularity for these small snakes. Our Terra Sahara will be perfect for your hognose to dig its burrows in, and our cork bark and plants create a dynamic environment for exploration, giving your snake a source of exercise and enrichment. 

Available in the following tank sizes"

20 gallon long - Terra Sahara Kit, 2 cork bark flats, 12" Solar Grow, 2 succulents

29 gallon - Terra Sahara Kit, 3 cork bark flats, 24" Solar Grow, 3 succulents

40 breeder - Terra Sahara Kit, 4 cork bark flats, 24" Solar Grow, 4 succulents



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