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WHOLESALE Universal Fruit Fly Media - Sealed 1 lb (10 culture) bag

Product Description

A sealed 1 pound bag of TheDudes premium Universal Fly Media. Many will remember this media as the UniVersal Hybrid Fly Media from Genesis Exotics. While the ingredients or formula has not changed, TheDudes media has been reviewed as one of the best medias available on the market. UniVersal media not only works for all types of fruit flies, it also gives quick, enormous booms, is easy to use, and has a positive odor.

Over the course of tweaking and changing the recipe for 6 years until perfection, The Dude's Universal Fly media boasts ingredients that are very high in trace minerals, vitamins, and caroteniods. These ingredients are important because they gut-load your fruit flies. With The Dude's media the insects are healthier, and when eaten the gutloaded flies go right into your herps keeping them happy and healthy! Gutloading is one of the most important parts of keeping carnivores as pets and TheDudes Universal Fly Media is one of the best.

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