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Tiger Leg Running Frog Bioactive Kit

Product Description

A complete self cleaning, self maintaining bioactive vivarium kit for Tiger Leg Running Frogs. These interesting frogs are typically found on the east coast of Africa, in the dense shrub land and are known to do great in groups. The Dude finds that these terrestrial frogs are quite clumsy, so giving them adequate places to climb is not necessary, it is more important to give them plenty of orifices to hide inside, such as cork tubes and flats. A small water dish should be provided with a small amount of UVB, such as a 3% - 5%. This kit directly coincides with their husbandry requirements and their niche instincts that they readily display in the vivarium. We do not offer smaller kit sizes as they SHOULD NOT be kept in anything smaller.

Available tank sizes: 

20 gallon long - Terra Firma bioactive kit, 4 cork flats, 8" LED w/ adapter, 2 4" tropicals

29 gallon -  Terra Firma bioactive kit, 6 cork flats, 16" LED w/ adapter, 3 4" tropicals

24 x 18 x 18 - Terra Firma bioactive kit, 8 cork flats, 16" LED w/ adapter, 4 4" tropicals