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Terra Botanica Moon Top Terrarium

Product Description

A Bio Dude favorite, these beautiful, glass micro terrariums are great for your home, sunroom, office or desk. This unique piece offers a look that’s beautiful and functional. Each piece sits upon a flat base which allows the round shape to rest comfortably on tables without rolling away. The sides extend up and out, curving to create a perfect moon shape of hollow glass. Great for smaller plants that do not need excessive width such as ivy or smaller tropical plants. 

 Bio Dude open top terrarium dimensions

  • Opening: 3.5” wide and throughout the entire terrarium. This is a thinner width terrarium
  • Diameter: 8”
  • Height: 8"

Terrarium is shipped wrapped in bubble wrap, individually packaged in their own box. Terrarium is 100% covered if broken in shipping.