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Savannah Monitor Bioactive kit

Product Description

A complete self-cleaning, self-maintaining bioactive terrarium kit for Savannah Monitors. One of the most popular monitors kept as pets, Savannah monitors have very strict husbandry requirements that must be met for them to be healthy. A very high basking spot of 125 degrees, 10% UVB, and an ambient humidity of 60% must be kept throughout the majority of the cage. With these unique conditions these monitors will burrow and create tunnels in their vivarium to help them hydrate, seek shelter and shed. For an entry level hobbyist it can be very expensive and time consuming to find the proper substrate for these unique monitors. With that being said, the Dude's kit is custom built to give your monitor the best care possible. When the Sahara is mixed evenly with the Firma you get a very dense, yet loose substrate that retains everything. From microtunnels to tunnels that are 10" wide, it will retain them all, making your monitor feel right at home.  Having a deep, dense substrate will also allow you to plant larger vegetation, such as Hibsicus Trees and desert shrubs into their vivarium with weekly watering maintenance. Overall, many of the Savannah Monitors in the hobby are wild caught and giving them a natural setup gives them the best care necessary for them to grow to the large predators they become. 

With large enclosures like this your soil will self promote all the natural ecological cycles with the help of the BioShot, but even as your terrarium progresses the leavings of your monitor will still need to be occasionally cleaned up. A large water dish for soaking is absolutely necessary. 

Please note that this is a VERY HEAVY kit and ships in 2-5 boxes, so please excuse the shipping charge. Larger sizes will be available shortly when UPS freight is able to be integrated into the website. 

Available in the following sizes.  

40 breeder - 4 Terra Sahara 6 quart, 4 Terra Firma 6 qt, BioShot, x2 AAA Spag Moss, X 1 leaf litter, x2 large grapevine, x 1 grapewood burl tunnel, x1 16" LED

75 gallon - 36 qt Terra Sahara, 36 qt Terra Firma, BioShot, x3 AAA Spag Moss, x 1 Leaf litter, x 4 large grapevine, x 1 grapewood burl tunnel, x1 22" LED





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