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Russian Tortoise Bioactive Kit

Product Description

A complete self cleaning, self maintaining bioactive vivarium kit for Russian Tortoises. Russian Tortoises have become one of the most commonly kept tortoises in the pet trade. With their smaller size, these tortoises appreciate a rather large enclosure as they are very active and mobile. These tortoises do appreciate a large humid den to help with respiration and hydration. A small pile of alfalfa hay should be readily available as well as a shallow water area. Russian Tortoises in general will spend their day running around their environment, digging new burrows and tunnels, and climbing gentle slopes with ease. The Dudes Terra Firma makes their favorite things to do easy, while cutting your costs in half. 

These bioactive kits are done slightly different than the others. Instead of a tank size the square footage of the floorprint is noted below. The first number is length, and the second is width. One bag of substrate covers a 1' x 1' area at 1.5" deep.  These are large, bulky kits, so shipping is slightly more expensive. 

Available in the following floorprints:

2' x 2' - Terra Firma 36 quart, BioShot, Spag Moss, 3 Cork Flats.

4' x 4' - 2 Terra Firma 36 quart, BioShot, 2 Spag Moss, 5 Cork Flats.

6' x 6' - 3 Terra Firma 36 quart, BioShot, 3 Spag Moss, 7 Cork Flats.