Riccia fluitans (Crystalwort) Live moss 3 oz

Product Description
Riccia fluitans aka Crystalwort is a very unique moss that is legally and ethically collected. This aquatic or semi-aquatic moss carries a lush green drop with small, delicate looking fern-like growths to create a very unique accent piece in your vivarium. It is recommended to be integrated into water falls, rocks, cork, or other wood accents that a high moisture content consistently. It can also be used purely as an aquatic moss but clean, moving water is a necessity. 
Good lighting is a must for this species. A spectrum of 6,500 kelvin and at least 2000 lumens is necessary (The Dude's LEDs will have you covered). Keep it hydrated with quality water. No tap water!  Packaged in a 3 ounce deli cup.