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Red runner roach colony bioactive kit

Product Description

A complete, self-sustaining bioactive habitat kit for Red Runner Roaches. You sure are brave - these roaches can climb, burrow, and breed very quickly! The Dude designed this kit to support optimal health and reproduction for your roach colony.  Our microfauna and bioactive substrate will quickly clean waste and dead roaches, guarding against devastating mold outbreaks.  Our Terra Firma substrate supports optimal humidity levels which allow them to burrow, create humid dens, which help with breeding. Our exclusive Bug Grub formula is specially formulated for optimal nutrition and gut-loading.  Never clean your roach bin again!

One bag of Terra Firma covers a 1' x 1' area at 1.5" deep. 

Available in the following kit sizes:

x2 Terra Firma, BioShot, 1lb bug grub

x4 Terra Firma, BioShot, 1lb bug grub

x6 Terra Firma, BioShot, 1lb bug grub