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The Bio Dude Tadpole Grub 5 oz CLEARANCE

Product Description

The Dude's all in one nutritionally sound Tadpole Food designed for tadpoles for all life stages. With various sizes that sink and float, this proprietary mix is very high in natural carotenoids that not only enhance color, but also help with vitamin absorption. The various sized pieces help with both bottom and top feeder tadpoles. Ingredients such as Astaxanthin and Spirulina with essential vitamins, proteins and minerals in  the Dude's Tadpole Grub will let them grow to a healthy froglet. It is recommended to use once daily with enough food to be eaten over the course of 45 seconds. Do not overfeed. 

Tested, proven and used for the following tadpole species over the last 12 years: 

  1. Dart Frogs (Dendroboates, Epipedobates, Phyllobates and Ranitomeya) 
  2. Red Eye Tree Frogs
  3. Borneo Eared Frogs 
  4. White's Tree Frogs
  5. Chinese Gliding Frogs 
  6. Cinnamon Tree Frogs 
  7. Mossy Frogs 
  8. Starry Night Reed Frogs 
  9. Lemur Tree Frogs 
  10. Phyllomedusa Tompoterma 
  11. Green Tree Frogs 

Total Volume -  5 oz

Great to use in conjunction with live bloodworms for very high demand protein eater tadpoles such as Pacmans or Tomato Frogs. 

Keep in a cool, dry area. Not for human consumption. Proudly handcrafted in Houston, Texas. 

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