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Pancake Tortoise Bioactive Kit

Product Description

A complete self cleaning, self maintaining bioactive vivarium kit for Pancake Tortoises. These unique tortoises love tight spaces, digging and getting as snug into a crevice as possible to protect their softer muscle skeleton structure.  The cork bark flats do just that. When stacked on top of eachother it gives your tortoise options. Rocks can also be ued over the cork bark. Overall their terrarium should be rather dry with moist pockets in one area of the tank. It is very important to provide your tortoises with a humidity den on a small portion of the cage. This can easily be accomplished with providing a top layer of NZ Spag moss  covered with a cork bark flat with an entry cave. Not only will this help with respiration it will also keep your turtles hydrated which is very important. With turtles and tortoises in general, having their environment becoming 100% self cleaning takes a  longer than it typically would due to the overall size of their environment. With their diet being mainly organic plant matter with the occasional protein their feces breaks down very quickly. This kit is expected to give your turtle the ability to dig deep, dense tunnels while giving them the ability to thermoregulate, hydrate and feel secure. The Dude enjoys planting healthy edibles in many of my turtles' enclosures such as mint, basil, oregano, hibiscus, opuntia, rosemary and much more! This brings out the instinct to forage, as they do in the wild. It is very important to provide a large, clean source of water and proper heating and UVB as turtles require it.

These bioactive kits are done slightly different than the others. Instead of a tank size the square footage of the floorprint is noted below. The first number is length, and the second is width. One bag of substrate covers a 1' x 1' area at 1.5" deep.  These are large, bulky kits, so shipping is slightly more expensive. 

Need a tank size? Just ask the Dude.

Available in the following floorprints:

2' x 2' - Terra Sahara 36 quart, BioShot, Spag Moss, 3 Cork Flats.

4' x 4' - 2 Terra Sahara 36 quart, BioShot, 2 Spag Moss, 5 Cork Flats.

6' x 6' - 3 Terra Sahara 36 quart, BioShot, 3 Spag Moss, 7 Cork Flats.