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Natural Manzanita Full Branch (DARK) - Intricate - 26"-30" FREE SHIPPING

Product Description

Large Manzanita Terrarium Tree Branch 26"-30"


One of the most unique, versatile terrarium trees the Dude has to offer. These natural, red/dark brown colored large Manzanita branches will bring the perfect tree base, top or 3D look for your terrarium. Many different reptiles and amphibians will use the dense foliage as nesting, breeding, hunting or resting sites. The thickness of the manzanita tree not only brings lots of dimensional diversity into the terrarium, but is also very light and releases next to no tannins. Great for paludariums or other terrariums. Manzanita wood is great for all Bio Dude bioactive kits such as the Terra Flora, Terra Fauna, Terra Firma, Terra Sahara and Terra Aranea. Great for reptiles, amphibians and inverts such as Chameleons, Anoles, Tree dwelling lizards, foam nesting amphibians, and other ground dwelling herps. 

Due to the intricate and delicate nature of the Manzanita wood, it ships 100% separate (in its own box) from the rest of your order, to ensure it arrives just as beautiful to your doorstep as it left the Bio Dudes' warehouse. 

This is for a natural Manzanita full branch piece that is between 26" - 30" 



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