Moss Spore Mix 1 tablespoon FREE SHIPPING

Product Description

The Dude's handcrafted moss spore mix. Perfect for Terra Flora and Terra Fauna BioActive setups these unique spores are packaged in a small ziploc bag. These dry granules are natural, organic moss spores that can be spread anywhere in the vivarium. After introduction initial growth will transpire as early as 10 days and continue to grow from there. The Dude has found this spore mix grows the best on damp substrate and damp woods, rocks and other surfaces.  Do not spread where it will be inconsistently dry. 

Each mix includes 1 tablespoon of moss spores. Use RO/DI or distilled water only. Tap water or treated water will KILL these spores. Utilize at least a 6,500 kelvin bulb for lighting.