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Milk Snake Bioactive Kit

Product Description

Milk snakes are hardy North American colubrids found throughout the eastern United States.  Versatile, active hunters, they seek out vertebrate prey wherever they can!  They appreciate both terrestrial and arboreal elements in their homes.  At home in many environments, they are not picky about humidity except in extreme circumstances.  They do well with a hotspot of 90F and a benefit from optional UV exposure (about a 5% UV strip bulb will suit them well).  The Dude notices that these guys love cover, hides, and leaf litter, as well as wood for their love of climbing. The Dudes kit allows them to do exactly that!

Available in the following sizes:

10 gallon - Terra Firma bioactive kit, cork bark flat, 8" LED w/adapter, 1 4" tropical plant.

20 gallon long - Terra Firma bioactive kit, 3 cork bark flats, 8" LED w/adapter, 2 4" tropical plant.

29 gallon - Terra Firma bioactive kit, 5 cork bark flats, 16" LED w/adapter, 4 4" tropical plant.

40 breeder - Terra Firma bioactive kit, 6 cork bark flats, 22" LED w/adapter, 6 4" tropical plant.