Mexican Red/White Knee Tarantula bioactive kit

Product Description

A complete, self-sustaining bioactive habitat kit for Mexican white/red knee Tarantulas. Indigenous to harsh, desert climates, these terrestrial tarantulas enjoy a moderate amount of soil so they can create underground burrows with their webbing ability. Mexican red/white knees are quite capable of climbing, so that is why TheDude provides plenty of cork flats for them.  The Nano LED is included to emit a small amount of light to help your fern grow and not over illuminate your terrarium for your tarantula.

Available in the following sizes: 

5 gallon - Terra Sahara bioactive kit, 1 cork flat, Zoo Med Nano Fixture + 5W LED, x1 desert plant

10 gallon - Terra Sahara bioactive kit, 2 cork flats, Zoo Med Nano Fixture + 5W LED, x1 desert plant