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Green Bottle Blue Tarantula (Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens) Bioactive Kit

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A complete tankless bioactive terrarium kit for Green Bottle Blue (Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens) tarantula. These invertebrates commonly spend their time climbing trees as well as cruising on the grounds of desert areas in Northern Venezuela. In the wild, their biome is very arid with harsh winds which has made them exceptional webbers. With the Dude’s one of a kind, handcrafted Terra Aranea it will allow you to create that environment that they need perfectly. Not only will the substrate retain all tunnels and burrows that your Green Bottle Blue tarantula creates, but it also allows them to do what they like to do as animals and hold the moderate humidity value this specie needs. When keeping tarantulas and scorpions on bioactive many of the instinctual behaviors which makes them so unique as animals comes to life in the terrarium such as covering everything in their surroundings with thick webs, creating almost tunnel like homes, exhibiting semi arboreal behavior. This kit includes everything that you need to get started going bioactive. Each kit size includes the following: 


8” x 8” – Terra Aranea bioactive kit, + 3qt Mixed Biodegradables (Spag and Leaf Litter), Small Ghostwood Piece 4"-6", 1 Nut Pod, 1- 6” LED w/ adapter,  1 4" Tropical Plant


12” x 12” - Terra Aranea bioactive kit, + 3qt Mixed Biodegradables ( AAA Spag and Leaf Litter), x1 Malaysian Driftwood small, x1 Cork Bark Flat, 1 Nut Pod, 1- 6" LED w/ adapter, 2 4" Tropical Plant


18” x 18” – Terra Aranea bioactive Kit + 3qt AAA Spag, X2 Medium Malaysian Driftwood, x2 cork flat, 1 Nut Pod, 1- 6" LED w/ adapter, 3 4" Tropical Plant


24” x 18” - Terra Aranea Bioactive Kit + 6qt AAA Spag, x1 Malaysian Driftwood Large, x3 Cork Bark Flats,  2 Nut Pod, 1- 16" LED w/ adapter, 4 4" Tropical Plant


10 gallon – Terra Aranea Bioactive Kit, x1 Malaysian Driftwood Small, x1 Cork Bark Flat,  1 Nut Pod, 1- 6" LED w/ adapter, 2 4" Tropical Plant




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