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Folsomia Springtails

Product Description

One of the hardiest springtails, Folsomia sp. are a very small arthropod, which do not exceed the size of a day old cricket. Being very prolific, these springtails make a great terraria subject when used with all Terra Flora and Terra Fauna BioDude substrates. These springtails benefit from moist, aerataed soil and plenty of biodegradeables. These springtails love charcoal and will quickly encompass charcoal in the substrate. Do not ever let these springtails dry out completely as they will perish. These springtails thrive at 65-85 degrees with ambient humidity between 70%-100%. 

All springtails are shipped in a 4 ounce deli cup. We package each cup with all life stages, however, due to their small size an actual count is not possible, but each culture is stocked as a starter culture. 

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