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Springtails - Tropical Environments - 6 ounce container

Product Description

A complete, 10-14 day old started springtail culture started on charcoal and packaged in a 6 ounce sealed container. 

Springtails (Folsomia candidaare tiny arthropods and are used as "Tank Cleaners" in a bioactive terrarium, eating shed, decaying plant matter, mold and waste. Springtails are also great for tiny neonatal lizards, dart frogs and other forest floor dwelling animals will relish these arthropods. 

After adding your Bio Dude culture to your bioactive terrarium these springtails will readily reproduce and create a sustainable population in the terrarium. One culture can easily seed 2-3 smaller Bio Dude bioactive terrariums. If you decide to keep them in the container so you can continually pull from monthly or weekly, be sure to feed Bio Dude's Springtail Grub on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. 

These springtails will thrive in the Bio Dude's Terra Flora, Terra Fauna, Terra Firma (more humid Firma setups) and Terra Aranea (more humid Aranea setups). Please note we only ship springtails Monday-Thursday.