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Tiger Salamander bioactive kit

Product Description

A complete self cleaning, self maintaining bioactive vivarium kit for Tiger Salamanders. These secretive amphibians spend the majority of their time underground, in their moist caverns that they themselves typically create. While being secretive, Tiger Salamanders are great candidates for Bioactive terraria as they need a deep, dense layer of substrate that also drains and holds proper moisture content. With the Dude's Terra Firma, your Salamanders tunnels and burrows will be retained, while providing all of the moisture levels needed for them to thrive. This kit will provide you with a 4-5" deep layer of substrate with no drainage layer. It is recommended to provide these amphibians with a large water dish, daylight and a light mist throughout the day. They are also great candidates for stream paludariums when done correctly. 


Available in the following tankless kit sizes:

10 gallon - Terra Firma bioactive kit, x 2 cork bark flats, 8" LED w/ adapter, x 1 tropical plant

20 gallon long - Terra Firma bioactive kit, x 3 cork bark flats, 16" LED w/adapter, x 2 tropical plants

18 x 18 x 18 -  Terra Firma bioactive kit, x2 cork bark flats, 16" LED w/adapter, x 2 tropical plants


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