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Bug Grub 2 lb

Product Description

A sealed 2 pound bag of TheDudes premium  insect gutloader. Bug Grub works great for Isopods, Roaches, Crickets, and Millipedes. Bug Grub can be used either dry or wet. When using the dry method water gel crystals should be provided, when used wet the Grub turns into a 'play-doh' consistency which maintains its shape and water content for  36 hours. The Grub also makes excellent feeding stations for your herps. Simply take a minuscule amount, roll into a ball, and place into the cage. All the insects will swarm and create a feeding station.

 My formula, which has been tweaked over the course of 4 years until perfection boasts ingredients such as bee pollen, alfalfa, kale, carrots, and other important  ingredients. These ingredients are important as they contain many carotenoids such as beta -carotene while boasting important vitamins and trace minerals which gut-load your feeder insects. With this system the insects are healthier, and when eaten the carotenoids are used to breakdown the nutrients into a usable source of nutrition. Gutloading is one of the most important parts of keeping carnivores as pets and the Bug Grub is the #1 choice! 




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