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6" Pot Diffenbachia "Camile"

Product Description

Planted, established in a 6" pot Diffenbachia "Camile". These stalkier plants are great for your heavier animals and are one of the easier terraria plants to cultivate and grow. Recommended for Terra Flora, Terra Fauna, and Terra Firma BioDude setups.  Please note that when left un pruned, these plants can get rather tall and will require height maintenance for smaller vivaria.

NOTE: The cells of this popular, shade-tolerant houseplant contain needle-shaped calcium oxalate crystals called raphides.   If a leaf is chewed, these crystals can cause a temporary burning sensation to the mouth and throat, and it is known that mammals who eat this plant can suffer painful oedema. Do not use this plant with herbivores or omnivores. Snakes or carnivore lizards only. 

All of the Dude's plants are all vivarium safe. Plants are shipped bare root wrapped in newspaper. 


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