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CB Red Eye Tree Frog

Product Description

Meet the poster child of the rain forest, the Red Eye Tree Frog. Indigenous to Central America, these tree frogs are one of the most recognized amphibians in the world. 

The Bio Dude is pleased to offer captive bred red eyes bred by The Dude himself. These well started froglets are two months out of the water. Eating isopods, crickets, and large fruit flies this versatile species does great in moderate sized vivaria with 40-60% humidity. Clean water and plenty of foliage is a must for this species and are only recommended for beginner keepers due to their easy care and versatility.

For overnight frog shipping please select the "Springtail and Isopod shipping" for the discounted, insured overnight shipping rate  of $39.95. 

Complete tankless kits available: https://thebiodude.myshopify.com/collections/frog-bioactive-kit/products/red-eye-tree-frog-bioactive-kit