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Bearded Dragon Lizard Bioactive Kit Basic

Product Description

A complete, self-sustaining bioactive vivarium kit for Bearded Dragons.  Hailing from central Australia, Bearded Dragons well deserve their reputation for outgoing personality and hardiness!  Their durability allows them to live in varied environments, from harsh deserts to green forests.  Bearded Dragon Kits are designed to provide them enrichment with wood for climbing and basking, safe plants for nibbling and hiding under, and our exclusive substrate that allows the creation of burrows.  These humid burrows will keep your Dragon hydrated, and the loose soil keeps them active with digging opportunities (as nature intended).  When healthy, warm, and hydrated, your animal will have no problem passing our carefully designed Terra Sahara.

Plants are NOT included with your Bearded Dragon kits. Feel free to decorate and spruce up your terrarium with all of the Dude's available accents! 

These kits are very heavy! Shipping paid is actual cost from Fed Ex Ground. 

Available in the following tank options:

20 gallon long - Terra Sahara bioactive kit, 1 cork flat, 12" Solar Grow

29 gallon - Terra Sahara bioactive kit, 2 cork flats, 12" Solar Grow

40 breeder - Terra Sahara bioactive kit,  3 cork flats, 24" Solar Grow

55 gallon - Terra Sahara bioactive kit, 4 cork flats, 32" Solar Grow

24 x 18 x 28/24 -Terra Sahara bioactive kit, 3 cork flats, 24" Solar Grow

75 gallon - Terra Sahara bioactive kit, 5 cork flats, 32" Solar Grow