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AAA New Zealand Spag Moss and Leaf Litter MIX 3 quarts

Product Description

A 3 quart stuffed bag of the Bio Dude's AAA New Zealand Spag Moss mixed with leaf litter. Leaf litter may range from Oak, Magnolia or Maple.  Great for all Bio Dude bioactive terrarium builds, grow-outs, plant propagation, epiphyte mounting and much more.  The Dude's Spag Moss and leaf litter is also great to use as a fuel source for your substrate, as it slowly breaks down and turns into essential nutrition for your Bio Dude substrate. This smaller bag is also great to use with the Dude's Terra Aranea when keeping smaller tarantulas, scorpions, spiders or other inverts. 

Harvested ethically from New Zealand, this is the highest quality Spag Moss on the market. Free of all moss spikes, most sticks and leaves this is the cleanest and safest to use with your herps!  The leaf litter is also harvested ethically, collected from a pesticide and herbicide free area.