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6" Pot Neoregelia Bromeliad w/ 2-3 offsets *the Dude's choice*

Product Description

Established in a 6" pot these beautiful bromeliads are great for beginners and do perfect in the Dude's Terra Flora and Terra Fauna BioActive terrariums. With an extensive root base, full natural color, and at least 2-3 subadult offsets attached these are a great way to make your terrariums stand out and to give your herps a place to climb and hide. Bromelaids can be planted in a well drained soil or attached to your cork bark and other terrarium woods. 

These are not just tiny offsets that have no root base, these are established adults that are perfect for terrariums that stay a manageable size. 

Shipped bare root with offsets attached. These are hand picked by the Dude and include up to 20 different varieties. 

$14.95 $24.95