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4" Pot Succulent - Spaghetti Agave

Product Description

These succulents are fast growers that thrive in a dry environment with humidity from 5% up to 40%. Grown organically and ethically this succulent does great in Terra Sahara and Terra Firma setups.

Agave, in general are easily eaten and ripped to shreds by your specialists. These Agaves, have thicker grasslike spikes that do not break easy. These are great "desert grass" type of element for your terrariums. Great for encouraging your animal to work for it! This Agave can last much longer to your most destructive of herbivores.

Easily trimmed and managed, this aloe is a delectable treat for your herbivores and omnivores.  To strengthen the plant and to help it grow faster the Dude recommends utilizing his BioShot when planting succulents. This helps with their sturdiness as a plant and their overall health. 

When ingested succulents help re-hydrate your pet as well as provide enrichment for your animals by allowing them to instinctively forage for food. As with most succulents, over eating can cause looser stools from the high moisture content.

The plant pictured is not necessarily the plant you will receive, but will be same size and shape. Shipped bare root wrapped in newspaper and packaged individually when ordered.