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3.5" Pot Succulent Jade Plant 'Ogre Ears'

Product Description

These succulents are fast growers that thrive in a dry environment with humidity from 5% up to 40%. Grown organically and ethically this succulent does great in Terra Sahara and Terra Firma setups. This succulent is very unique in the aspect that it grows outward and spreads quickly. This type of Jade succulent can get quite large, over 4' high over time. The unique shape and size is how this succulent gets it's name, each 'leaf' looks similar to an ogre ear. If you ever saw the movie 'Shreck" each leaf looks exactly like each of his ears. 

Easily trimmed and managed, its bushy nature many smaller geckos will relish it as a natural hide cave. To strengthen the plant and to help it grow faster the Dude recommends utilizing his BioShot when planting succulents. This helps with their sturdiness as a plant and their overall health. 

It has been noted that the Jade MAY have particular proteins that can cause GI upset in reptiles (runny stool). This has not been studied or proven, but noted in a few herbivores. 

The plant pictured is not necessarily the plant you will receive, but will be same size and shape. Shipped bare root wrapped in newspaper and packaged individually when ordered.