3.5" Pot Green Coral Succulent - Euphorbia Flanaganii Cristata

Product Description

One of the Dude's favorite succulents, the Green Coral is one of the more unique succulents to grow in your BioDude terrariums. Growing like a bush, the Green Coral gets wider, and shoots small stalks upwards to absorb more light.

Green Coral should be planted in the drier side of your Terra Sahara. Over watering or over saturation of the Sahara will quickly kill this succulent. Not only is the very durable, it can easily handle the sharp claws and arid conditions your desert herps require. 

To strengthen the plant and to help it grow faster the Dude recommends utilizing his BioShot when planting succulents. This helps with their sturdiness as a plant and their overall health. 

The plant pictured is not necessarily the plant you will receive, but will be same size and shape. Shipped bare root wrapped in newspaper and packaged individually when ordered.