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6" Pot Aloes 3 pack

Product Description

The Dude's handpicked 3 pack of his best aloe. These unique plants, established in a 6" pot are great for your Terra Sahara and some drier Terra Firma BioDude setups. Not only can they handle dry periods after established, they are very easy to grow and maintain. Do not overwater them as they will rot. They THRIVE on neglect!

To strengthen the plant and to help it grow faster the Dude recommends utilizing his BioShot when planting succulents. This helps with their sturdiness as a plant and their overall health. 

When ingested succulents help re-hydrate your pet as well as provide enrichment for your animals by allowing them to instinctively forage for food.  Excessive consumption of succulents can cause runnier stool, but it will not hurt your herbivore or omnivore. 

The plants pictured is not necessarily the plant you will receive, but will be same size and shape. Shipped bare root wrapped in newspaper and packaged individually when ordered.