2 oz Tincman Herps EGG RITE Vitamin A supplement with RETINOL FREE SHIPPING

Product Description

Introducing Tincman Herps new Vitamin A product Egg-Rite. Compared to other leading vitamin a products many of them have fillers, binders and are packaged at factories shelved for extended periods of time, never knowing how long they have been packaged and if the vitamins are still viable. With Tincman Herps Egg Rite, each and every bottle is freshly made and packaged. This vitamin is purchased fresh, always in very small quantities from manufacturers. Egg Rite boats a very high concentration of actual Vitamin A. 50% of the actual product is true vitamin A (retinol palmitate), 33% calcium/d3 & 15% carotenoid (Astaxanthin) blend. With reptile and amphibians many carotenoids will not only enhance color but they have been proven to play a role in vitamin A metabolism and egg viability in amphibians. Egg Rite can be used as often as weekly in frogs deficient in vitamin A or breeding heavily, but for normal healthy animals we recommend once every two weeks. Vitamin A is also the basic driver of homeostasis in reptiles. Reptiles utilize Vitamin A to balance their sight, smell, saliva ratios, oogenesis, and much more. With the proper carotenoids balanced in Egg Rite you know your herps are getting the best supplement possible!

FREE SHIPPING.   Shipped in a 2 ounce sealed container.