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Reptile Vets and AZA Affiliates

The Bio Dude is very proud to have built many relationships with different exotic veterinarians, ZOOs and other facilities around the country. Not only does the Bio Dude work extensively with them, we also provide a foundation for P2P education. With access to Videos, Printable Blogs, PDFs and other helpful resources becoming a Bio Dude affiliate is easy as reaching out to us at wholesale@thebiodude.com. If you are interested in having the Bio Dude help take your facility to the next level reach out to us! From showroom overhauls to P2P learning education opportunities the Bio Dude is able to help your facility grow and maintain an high standard of care.  

Becoming an affiliate of the Dude offers the following perks:

  1. It is at 100% no cost to you or your business. 
  2. Drive more business to you! Get your business listed under our "recommended veterinarians" plug-in on thebiodude.com. This will not only give your brand exposure but will also link up with the Bio Dude's growing SEO for more search engine exposure. Customers have full access to this MAP as well. 
  3. Access to printable, downloadable, accurate, up to date content in regards to ethical reptile husbandry, standards and care. Videos, Blogs, Client Handouts, Caresheets, troubleshooting information and more available. 
  4. Access to professionally printed Bio Dude specific handouts if desired (small fee will apply). 
  5. Access to affiliate specific recommended vendors that are some of the best business' in the community. These are safe recommendations that follow good husbandry, ethical standards and positive community outreach. 
  6. Exclusive Bio Dude Affiliates discount codes to provide to your customers, employees and for in house use. Each sponsor provides a unique discount code that is only available on our affiliate page. 
  7. Access to schedule continuing education with the Bio Dude and/or sponsors in the form of lunch and learns for local practices. 
  8. Become part of the positive change in a community that has needed a positive ethical change for many years. Help promote proper reptile keeping by following research driven practices and techniques with accurate, up to date husbandry standards and technique. 


Already an affiliate? Go here to access our affiliate resource page

Want to become an affiliate? Email us at wholesale@thebiodude.com and fill out this application. 

These veterinarians can be trusted with their extensive knowledge base to properly care and treat your pet reptile and amphibian.  These reptile veterinarians have exclusive relationships with the Bio Dude inc so you can save money when you take your herp to be examined. 
More Vet Listings coming soon! 

Houston  Area

Red Bluff Animal Hospital

Dr. Dougherty DVM

5009 Red Bluff Rd, Pasadena, TX 77503



Vet Listings

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