Eastern Box Turtle Bioactive Kit

Product Description

A complete self cleaning, self maintaining bioactive kit for Eastern Box Turtles.  These beautiful Chelonians are a Pennsylvania native (where the Dude is from) and are easy to keep turtles with tons of personality. Humidity spikes, live plants, with plenty of places to burrow and climb are necessary for this active, destructive species. The Dude has always provided dense fern foliage for this species, which they seem to appreciate.

This kit is meant to be utilized with Earthworms established into the Terra Firma. Not only does this help aerate the Firma but it also works directly with the Dude's proprietary Bio Shot to promote the self cleaning, self maintaining bioactive ecosystem.  With high humidity requirements, it is important to keep the Firma hydrated but not oversaturated. This can easily be accomplished with providing a mix of the Dude's AAA New Zealand Spag moss. Mixing cork within the substrate and on the top level will allow your turtle to create necessary dens and burrows. Earthworms will also allow your turtles to naturally hunt and forage for them.  The Firma will also allow you to plant live plants that are edible to your Box turtle. Strawberries, Mint, Basil and other types of edibles can be readily planted into their bioactive terrarium.   Eastern Box Turtles LOVE red fruit!

The Dude's Ca+ bones are great to break up, and mix in the soil. Not only will your turtles find them during their digging excursions and slowly eat them, but this is a great alternative way to offer necessary Calcium. Calcium is vital for proper shell development and overall muscularskeletal longevity. The magnolia pods are great for making hotspots for bugs and other decomposers. Dubia, Earthworms, springtails and isopods will quickly take these over creating a feeding station and microbial hotspot for your bioactive terrarium and your turtle. It is important to provide your turtles the ability to dig, forage and feel secure for their overall well being and health. 

With land and semi aquatic turtles in general their environment becoming 100% self cleaning takes  slightly longer than it typically would due to the overall size of their environment. With their diet being mainly organic plant matter with the occasional protein their feces breaks down very quickly. This kit is expected to give your turtle the ability to dig deep, dense tunnels while giving them the ability to thermoregulate, hydrate and feel secure.

It is very important to provide a large, clean source of water and proper heating and UVB as these turtles require it. 

These bioactive kits are done via tank size and base floor footprint size. Do you need a custom tank size? Email us at customercare@thebiodude.com and the Dude can get you a custom kit together. 

Available in the following sizes:

40 Breeder - Terra Firma BioActive Kit + 2 6 quart bags of Terra Firma, x 3 Magnolia Pods, x1 Ca+ Bone, x3 cork flats, x 2 temperate ferns

75 gallon - Terra Firma BioActive Kit + 3 6 quart bags of Terra Firma, x5 Magnolia Pods, x2 Ca+ Bone, x4 cork flats, x 3 temperate ferns

4' x 4' - x4 Terra Firma 36 quart, x8 Magnolia Pods, x 2 Ca+ Bone, x5 cork flats, x 3 temperate ferns

6' x 4' - x6 Terra Firma 36 quart, x10 Magnolia Pods, x3 Ca+ Bone, x6 cork flats, x 4 temperate ferns