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The Bio Dude's most complete and in detail species specific bioactive kits yet to date! With over 55 different species, these complete self sustaining, self cleaning eco systems' for your tarantula, spider, scorpion, or other invertebrate. The Bio Dude tank less kits include everything that you need to create a natural, organic, living environment for your inverts.  Each one of a kind Bio Dude bioactive kit is designed specifically for the instinctual needs and husbandry requirements that your invertebrate requires. From deeper substrate, tunnel and burrow retention, to specific types of tubes or plants each kit will not only provide the best care but the best environment for your invertebrate. Need to know more on how to have your kit work perfect for you spider, tarantula, scorpion or other invertebrate, just reach out to us at

These advanced kits include everything you need to go Bioactive. These kits include an upgraded plant light (the Dude’s Glow and Grow instead of the Solar Grow), more plants, wood and carry a higher price point (but bigger discount) than the Dude’s basic species specific bioactive kits. Great if you are looking to get started with Bioactive.




Tarantula + Scorpion Bioactive Kits Advanced

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Pink Toe Tarantula (Avicularia avicularia) Bioactive Kit

Pink Toe Tarantula (Avicularia avicularia) Bioactive Kit


A complete tankless bioactive terrarium kit for Pink Toe (Avicularia avicularia) tarantula. These invertebrates commonly spend their time high in the trees. In the wild, their biome is a wide range of lush forests from Costa Rica to Brazil. With the Dude’s one of a kind, handcrafted Terra Aranea it will allow you to create that environment that ...

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