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Biotope Terrarium Habitat Cage *SHIPS FLAT* 23" X 20" X 16"

Product Description
The Redline Science Biotope product line is a new and unique offering in the world of next-generation enclosures. The Redline Science Biotope panels are dual-color and reversible, allowing for a variety of visual presentations. The Biotope cage ships flat and is easily assembled, offers dynamic styling, and easy modification. The panels are made from ACM material (composite core between two thin aluminum sheets) and can be modified using drill bits or hole saws to accommodate interior cage lighting, running power cords, mounting misting nozzles, and/or additional ventilation. An interior bead of silicone will render the cage water tight for shallow aquatic setups. Low lead front glass allows for significant UV spectrum pass through.
The Biotope comes with a screen top, with a low lead glass top available separately. You can have your own top glass cut locally, it is 1/8″ thick and measures 8″x20″. The included reversible clasps can be used to hold either the screen top or the glass.
The 23″ wide Biotope is designed to fit two cages wide on a standard 4′ wide metro rack.
A terrific choice for geckos, lizards, snakes, amphibians, terrariums and more, we hope you’ll love these enclosures as much as we do!

Size: 23" x 20" x 16"

Assembly Instructions:


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