One of the most important aspects of reptile and amphibian husbandry is the regulation of their biome.  Automatic misting systems are excellent for maintaining your reptiles and amphibians by ensuring they are consistently hydrated, on a healthy rain cycle whigh will overall benefit their health long term. Automatic misting is a necessity for most reptiles kept in screen cages, such as chameleons. It is very important to know what type of husbandry you are providing to give your herps the healthy life they deserve!

Mist King parts are identified via color for the Dude’s order fulfillment specialists to ensure the correct product is shipped. 


Automatic Misting Systems and Misting Accessories

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Exo Terra Tropical Fogger
Exo Terra Tropical Fogger

Exo Terra Tropical Fogger


One of the most unique products on the market, these foggers are great for Terra Flora and Terra Fauna BioDude BioActive Terrariums. I love how they accent the landscape while mimicking the early morning dew and mist that commonly occurs in humid biomes. Not only do the foggers help with humidity, but they also play a key role in hydration for m...

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