Exo Terra Tropical Fogger

Product Description

One of the most unique products on the market, these foggers are great for Terra Flora and Terra Fauna BioDude BioActive Terrariums. I love how they accent the landscape while mimicking the early morning dew and mist that commonly occurs in humid biomes. Not only do the foggers help with humidity, but they also play a key role in hydration for many species such as Crested Geckos, Day Geckos, and many tree frogs. As the mist rises into the air it will stick to many surfaces, creating a dew on the plants and surrounding accents. When your animals exhale through osmosis they are losing water which when utilized properly, rehydrates them by giving them plenty of small water droplets to drink or absorb. The fogger is a great tool for harder to keep species and common species alike.

The Dude recommends that an extra replacement disc is purchased at the time of purchasing this fogger. These fogger's are great for animals that need a high moisture content in the air, but good airflow as well. Use only RO/DI, Distilled, or Bottled water. Tap water will quickly ruin this unit.