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A complete self sustaining, self cleaning eco system for your frogs and other amphibians. These tank less kits include everything that you need to create a natural, organic, living environment for your frogs. Don't see your species? Just ask!

These basic kits include everything you need to go Bioactive. These kits include a standard grow light, the Dude’s Solar Grow, starter plants,  basic wood accents and carry a lower price point (with discount included) than the Dude’s advanced species specific bioactive kits. Great if you are looking to get started with Bioactive and amphibians!


Frog and Salamander Bioactive Kits Basic

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Dart Frog Bioactive Kit BASIC

Dart Frog Bioactive Kit BASIC


A complete self cleaning, self maintaining basic bioactive vivarium kit for Dart Frogs. Poison dart frogs in general have become one of the most kept amphibians in the hobby. Their easy care, maintenance, and brilliant colors make them a must vivarium subject for the novice or advanced enthusiast.  These unique little amphibians are found on the...

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