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100% Natural Alfalfa Bale 1.5 lbs

Product Description

100% Natural Alfalfa. Alfalfa, is not actually a hay, but a legume, like your peas, beans or clovers. Highly digestible, Alfalfa is a great fiber, mineral and protein resource for many tortoises. Sulcata, Hermann, Greek and Leopard Tortoises will quickly relish Alfalfa. It has been noted that some Red and Yellow Foot tortoises will readily eat Alfalfa as well.  Alfalfa should be used as a supplement to their diet to help them get all necessary nutrients, fiber and protein for healthy development. Alfalfa is also great for creating nesting sights and to help retain heat in outdoor enclosures.  Due to the high protein and lower fiber content, it is best fed with  high fiber hays. Keep in mind that feeding grassland tortoises too much protein can cause severe shell deformities. While Alfalfa alone is unlikely to cause the sort of severe deformities, other things in the diet in conjunction with the Alfalfa can be detrimental if the protein source is too high, such as dog food.  

Contains no artificial color or preservatives. 1.5 lb bale.