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Bulk Box (10 pieces) Mopani Root Wood

Product Description

A bulk box of Mopani root wood. 

This box weighs about 30- 50 pounds and includes 10 pieces of Mopani. Great for larger builds or multiple builds. 

Mopani is one of the Dudes favorite vivaria accent woods. Its dense, heavy nature makes this wood one of the best candidates for natural terrarium backgrounds, handcrafted waterfalls, or even utilized as climbing perches for your herps. Due to this wood's heavy nature it will immediately sink into water and will not float making it very resistant to mold and rot. Moss fusion, Java Moss, Riccia Moss will all grow readily on this wood when kept moist. This wood works great for all biomes and looks especially nice with the Dude's Terra Flora and Fauna BioActive setups.