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Brazilian Rainbow Boa BioActive Kit

Product Description

A complete self cleaning, self maintaining BioDude bioactive vivarium kit for Brazilian Rainbow Boas. These large, robust, beautiful snakes are one of the most popular terraria snake subjects due to their beautiful iridescence, relaxed demeanor, and overall uniqueness of husbandry. This particular species, E.C. Cenchria hailes from Brazil and require high humidity and moderate temperature ranges that vary from night to day. With a hotspot during the day of 85 degrees with ambient humidity maintaining at 70%-90% varying throughout the day. To some keepers, having a larger snake that requires very high humidity a challenge to maintain in a bioactive environment. That is where the Dude comes in. These kits, do not utilize a drainage layer, instead, it utilizes the Dude's Terra Firma substrate, a deep, dense layer of it composing of almost 6"- 8". When burrowing animals are kept in mind, a drainage layer can be a huge hazard, as well as can easily become uplifted and mixed in with your substrate. This creates a mess and forces you to start all over again, with the Terra Firma this is something you will not have to worry about. With the Firma maintaining moisture content to the perfect tee, it also allows air, to reach the very bottom of the substrate, which prevents aerobic bacteria and other issues that can arise with setups such as these. Large, durable plants are included, but smaller trees and shrubs are recommended for adult boas. 

These kits are very heavy and bulky so please understand the shipping charge. 

Available in the following sizes:

20 gallon long - Terra Firma BioActive Kit, x 2 cork bark flats, x 1 Ghostwood (12"), x 1 8" LED w/ adapter, x 2 4" tropicals

40 breeder - Terra Firma BioActive Kit + 1 extra bag Terra Firma, x 3 cork bark flats, x 1  Ghostwood (18"), x 1 16" LED w/ adapter, x 3 4" tropicals

55 gallon - Terra Firma BioActive Kit + 2 extra bags Terra Firma, x 4 cork bark flats, x 2 Ghostwood (18"), x 1 22" LED w/ adapter, x 5 4" tropicals

75 gallon - Terra Firma BioActive Kit + 3 extra bags of Terra Firma, x 5 cork bark flats, x 3  Ghoswood (18") x 1 22" LED w/ adapter, x 6 4" tropicals




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