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One of the most important aspect of keeping your aquarium, paludarium or terrarium is maintaining a clean and fresh water source throughout the terrarium. Some filters can be used for creating water features such as waterfalls, streams and basins.

Other filters, such as Canister Filters are meant for large paludarium setups or aquatic turtle setups. These filters can handle significant amount of waste and are great for maintaining water quality. Not only do they have a higher pressure output, they can be used for creating larger or more aggressive water features. 

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Filters and Pumps

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Aquatop Breza Air Pump 20 Gallon

Aquatop Breza Air Pump 20 Gallon


The BREZA AP-20 Aquarium Air Pump delivers a powerful punch with low energy consumption and super quiet operation. Aquarium air pumps allow your aquatic creatures to acquire the oxygen they need in order to thrive. An air pump system adds air bubbles, creates current and agitates the water to help in filtration. This is where the quiet hum noise...

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Aquatop Internal Sponge Filter 10 Gallon

Aquatop Internal Sponge Filter 10 Gallon


The CAF-10 is a simple, classic and economical sponge filter for beginner and advanced aquarists alike. The specially developed foam materials of each CAF sponge filter supports the colonization of bacteria, allowing for mechanical and biological filtration. The process breaks down harmful ammonia and nitrite material resulting in a cleaner livi...

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