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Bioactivity and White's Tree Frogs

Bioactivity and White's Tree Frogs

Bioactivity and White’s Tree Frogs

From the desk of the Dude

I found it challenging to find the best way to describe these frogs without sounding absolutely ridiculous. I say this because of all of the frogs in my collection these are by far my favorite as far as personalities go. The White’s Tree Frog, also commonly referred to as a ‘Dumpy’ Tree frog, or Australian Green Tree Frog are one of the best beginner species due to their forgiving nature and easy going personalities. Hailing from Australia and Indonesia, these frogs are built to deal with harsh climates, seasonal changes and harsh predation which makes them a durable frog when it comes to amphibians.  These fat blobs of joy do great in groups, have a loud, voracious call, and can tolerate moderate handling with no problems. Dumpies, in general, appreciate lots of space to climb and perch their fat bodies to absorb necessary sunlight. A mild hotspot of around 82 F and  a 2 - 5% UVB source should be utilized for these frogs. Humidity should keep around 60%-75% for younger Dumpies; however, after they reach the size of a half dollar the humidity should be between 45% - 60% throughout the day. A large, clean source of water should be provided for their soaks. A minimum of a ten gallon should be utilized for a young Dumpy and a minimum of a 20 gallon high for an adult. I typically add five to ten gallons per extra frog.

When dealing with this species one thing to always keep in mind is that they are dirty amphibians. Now, when I say dirty, I mean they poop constantly; usually, in their water bowl. With their large, thick bodies their uneaten shed will cloud the glass/plants and leave residual in the vivarium. With that in mind that is why it is imperative that this species is kept in a bioactive environment. The cleaning aspect of the bioactivity plays a major role in the overall health of the vivarium and the frogs themselves. When setting up a White’s the Dude recommends a Terra Flora BioDude BioActive Kit.  The Terra Flora is designed to hold the perfect amount of water, while letting any excess pass through into the Hydrogrow drainage layer. This not only prevents the substrate from becoming water clogged (which can cause fungal and bacterial infections in your amphibians), but also prevents the growth of anaerobic bacteria and provides the necessary air pockets for proper root development in your plants. It allows your beneficial microfauna to flourish and do their job. After initial setup it will take a few weeks for your microfauna to build up a large, sustainable population which will keep your tank lasting for the life of the frog. As your biodegradeables break down it will be recommended to add more every few months.

When the Whites are established in a natural vivarium such as this, many unique behavior niches and overall health benefits will come to light before your eyes. The live plants not only enrich the air in the vivarium, they provide an always-evolving terrarium that will make your Whites feel more at home. The Dude always utilizes cork tubes as well, as the Dumpies love to squeeze their fat bodies during the day inside the tubes for refuge, and when the sun goes down, or it starts raining they with push their bodies out of the tube and force themselves on the top and start belching their loud, croaking call. Many times you will see them soaking themselves in their water dish or slowly moving around the vivarium hunting for larger isopods that may emerge out of the leaf litter.  


Overall, these frogs make an excellent subject for setups the Dude provides because it not only makes husbandry easier, but it also provides them the best care possible while making them feel at home, like they deserve. When their needs are considered, these frogs become fascinating captives.  I hope this article inspires you to create an amazing habitat for your Dumpy.


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